Special Show on FB

We have posted a link to a special show on our R360 facebook Page. Join us there in the R360 Community.

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Special Mixcloud show of tunes that have some great memories attached for me. Kind of a R360 Desert Island Discs Volume 1.

Music for Strange Moments™

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Our aim is to expose you all to deep beautifully strange music that will help you in the every day, as you view the world around playing out like a silent color film, the music soundtrack in your ears. Your on your way to work on the subway or bus, waiting at an airport or just walking down the street, maybe your standing looking at the most inspiring view as you reach the top of Ankor Wat in Cambodia, as you watch the sun set over a tropical beach or ride around on a bike at Burning Man. There are those moments in life that you attach to music, that help you remember them many years later.

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