R360 show 82: Roadtrip back to Death Valley

Roadtrip back to Death Valley

New show is up R360 show 82. Roadtrip back to Death Valley.The tunes in the show are the ones that stood out while driving. Photos in the show are from the trip. We have been featured on itunes for reaching a massive milestone. Thanks to everyone who has supported the 6 years of R360. I hope the show has introduced you to new artists, and helped create some memories attached to the music. Enjoy the show, please share with a friend, it’s how we spread.

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R360 show 82



Stumbleine_More Than Words
T Mo_Dynamo
T Mo_Youth
Mellorman vs Needs a Name_Stay
Sweetheart of Kairi_Leaving You Behind (Sina Remix)
Stumbleine_Sun Bleached
Cannon_Believe In
The Grid_Rollercoaster (Global Communication Remix)
Sufjan Stevens_Year of the Dog
Labyrinth Ear_Walk on the Moon
Crystal Fighters_Champion Sound (Regal Safari Remix)

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7 thoughts on “R360 show 82: Roadtrip back to Death Valley

  1. radio three sixty via Facebook

    Thanks Janey. I figured it out. Click/Touch the R360 Avatar/Pic of the bunny at the top while it’s playing on the ipad, it will take you out of the grey screen into a black background with the images on the screen.

  2. Janey Thomas via Facebook

    Have the iPad 2 with latest iOS. Touched the top bunny and the awesome pics come up with black background. No track list. Touched list icon bottom right, list of podcasts comes up. No track listing of podcast playing. Keep thinking I’m missing something but just go round and round with no result. Thanks for helping tho.

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