Where to get R360

Where Can I get Radio Three Sixty? The best way to get Radio Three Sixty is to subscribe to the show via itunes. Radio Three Sixty iTunes Profile [Click Here] The AAC version has chapter markers, buy links and art embedded in the show. This will play on any iphone, ipad, ipod, Blackberry, Apple TV …Read More

Three Sixty Records

If you enjoy the show, check out the record label. Here at Three Sixty we like to think of ourselves as a small artists collektiv.We don’t like genres , so you will find it hard to put us in any, and while we come from an Electronic background, we dig all forms of music, specially …Read More

R360 show 90

New show is up R360 show 90 Thanks to everyone who has supported 7 years of R360. I hope the show has introduced you to new artists, and helped create some memories attached to the music. Enjoy the show, please share with a friend, it’s how we spread. Enjoy the new show. add us on …Read More

R360 Special: Music for walking on the Moon

Music for Walking on the Moon. Features Public Domain Footage from the Apollo Missions, with audio from Apollo 11 and 16 missions. Tracklisting boyChild – For You My Love Dram Rider – Yearning for Something Sina – Something was Lost Fabian Aurejac – Shamanite Stumbleine – Ember matAphter – Piano Trip (Thinnen Remix) Sunglitters – …Read More


Radio Three Sixty is 7 years old this month. Will be posting two shows in December to celebrate. Thanks for supporting R360, and the artists who make the music. We look forward to introducing you to new sounds in the future… This image was the original image for the show, and was from an old …Read More