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 I have been listening to R360 for 5 years now.  I am writting to say that the music selection is unmatched, mixed with love, and is the example of what music should be.  I work as a pilot for a deep diving submersible named Alvin from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution which is capable of going to 4500 Meters depth.  As a pilot I always play R360 inside the submerisble while driving along the seafloor miles under the Ocean.  Listening to R360 while looking out a tiny viewport at a moonscape that is dark, strange, and never been seen, has truely been an amazing experiance.  I wish I could share it with you, at a minimum I would like to express my appreciation for what you create.

If you would like more information about the submersible it is here…
Thank you

SK under the Sea

Just listened to 82 while watching the sun set and the moon rise over the Grand Canyon after hiking 26 miles through it on a memorial hike for a friend who died there a couple months ago. Thanks for being part of an incredible experience.

GB in AZ

Thank you for all of the great music over the years.  I have listened since about year 3.
I travel a great deal for my job and spend many hours flying.  I always listen to R360 on these flights. Beijing, London, Hong Kong, Paris, NY, SF, LA, New Zealand, Aussie, KL, Singapore, Morocco, and so on.  Wherever I go so do you. I tell every intelligent music listener I meet about R360.

Thank you again for the great times.

from B

I love listening to your show when I walk on the beach in Oregon with my dog at 5 am. I feel like I’m in my own world. I’ve been listening for 5 years. My children also like your shows. Thank you for all the great music…~C

from C

I like to listen to Radio Three Sixty on my train rides in and out of Osaka and Kyoto, Japan. I like to listen to Radio Three Sixty on my trips to Taiwan and share you with anyone looking for some unifying music.

But mostly I watch the bobbing heads of Japanese humans bubble around me, looking for patterns in their scalps brought out by your beats.

From J

I like to listen to Radio Three Sixty on the airplane. If I have to be a sardine, packed into a moving can, at least I can be a happy sardine.


We travel a lot and cannot get online often. Our fall back music is your podcasts, which we, without exception enjoy. Currently we are listening in one of the world’s most beautiful places, Rantepao, Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Thanks so much for your good music.

from K

I am an American English language instructor living in Tokyo.  The Radio Three Sixty podcast makes the perfect soundtrack for exploring this city, and helps me remain calm on the train during rush hour! Keep up the good work!

from C

Just on our way back from another gig and chillin hard to R360!
Thanks for being there on our late-night rides home!!!

from Speck Brothers

Where do you find all these great tracks?? They’re awesome. I just wrote to say I left you a nice recommendation on iTunes. I’ve only been listening for a couple weeks. I wish the better music podcasts like this one would get more visibility. I had a hell of a time finding R360.
from len, Portland or

The short answer is EVERYWHERE!  In the past few months you’ve joined me from Melbourne, throughout Bali, to a train trip across Java, through the streets of Bangkok, and now back in Indonesia watching dreamy sunsets from Nusa Lembongan.  The music fits me and my moods very well.  I have a question about some of the “album art”.  I notice that several are shots of graffiti or street art.  I love them.  It is a hobby of mine to explore cities around the world and collect shots of street art.  I’d like to know more about whoever is taking the pictures you use.  I’d also be happy to talk about sharing some of what I’ve got in my collection.  Hope to hear from you…keep the great tunes coming along…Cheers, Chris

from CC

I like to listen to Radio Three Sixty on the airplane. If I have to be a sardine, packed into a moving can, at least I can be a happy sardine.

From C

I listen to radiothreesixty everyday at work. I can’t wait for the new ones to be released. I started with the latest one and have been going back in time through the podcasts. I haven’t skipped a single one, I love them all, and I’m currently on number forty one. Thank you for creating brave, insightful, and truly inspiring music for strange moments. Keep ’em coming!
Love always, Your #1 fan

from JB

Love to listen when I’m working on a tough C# problem. Makes the world fade away.

From Dave

I found your station when I was in London about 6 years ago. LOVE IT!!!! I live in a small town  named Lincoln City, Oregon… USA  I live right on the  beautiful Oregon coast. I download your music and watch the beach. I love walking in the rain, early in the morning listening to your music. It puts me right with nature…….

From C

I have found much music that strikes powerful chords with me in your podcasts on itunes. I would never have known of these artists was it not for your podcasts. I have an intense passion for much of the mesmerizing electronic based music you feature. Can’t stop playing it. I love it. In particular, Au Revior Simone, Chet Faker, Bon Ivor, Thinnen, James Bernard, Fink…..All sooooooo good. I am a musician who has not played in forever and this music creates an emotionally heightened, spiritually enlightened experience for me. It drowns out the city as I drive through it, elevates the beauty of the mountains as I look towards them and brings all pain and happiness I have experienced together into an epic realization of inner peace and tranquility…. Great artists. Thanks for your mixes they work really, really well.

From JJ

I just found the podcast on iTunes. I love it! I’m listening from Puerto Rico. It’s only been one day and I’ve already listened to three episodes.
Thank you!

from R

I listen when I’m studying – it’s relaxing when I’m stressed out and it’s not distracting when I’m reading. It’s a beautiful thing.

From K

Hey there, I love your sets! I listen to you guys through iTunes, thanks for mixing awesome music!!

From Summer Breeze

Hi from Ontario Canada!!
I work in a nuke plant analysing data all day,  your music helps keep me sane, only wish you had a weekly pod cast.

Good variety, keep up the good work

From B

Been enjoying for a couple years in Chicago! Listen everywhere, on the laptop, at work and in the car via podcast. The best mixes I’ve ever found. DJD, you rule! Thank you and keep it going!

From skokiebob

I’m sure this page is flooded with fan mail (and rightly so) but i thought i should add me 2 cents. Please continue to dowhat you do almost every podcast there is one track i get obsessed with to the point that in 3 weeks i cant ever listen to it again. It’s a really nice refreshing change to have some skilfully choosing and mixing sounds of a downbeat nature. I live in Sydney Australia and this type of music doesn’t exist in a go out and see it kind of way. If you can find a way Dark horse please come out to Australia. I have some connections with Bassdrop (plays DnB mainly) and would do everything in my power to make a night a success. All the best Tobian.

from SG in AUS

Listening to R360 in a hammock next to a river in the Appalachian mts of Virgina.
Excellent show. Been listening for years.
Thank you for your show.

from DD

I like to listen everywhere! Radio Three Sixty is the soundtrack of my life 🙂

from Anon
Hi, I love listening to your radio show either at work while at lunch to relax and at home while I’m laying down in bed. It just relaxes me. Keep up the good work you all. Thanks so much because it is so hard to find this of music on the radio it’s so relaxing,comfortable,smooth and so beautifully conducted and organized. Again thanks so much.

from BD
Enjoyed the Nevis shows… so much that I want to go to St Kitts and Nevis for my upcoming honeymoon. Got any suggestions on where to stay? what to do? Hurrican cove looks nice from what I have seen.

FYI, I started listening when I was working 40 ft high on a forklift on 3rd shift for 70 hours a week, my first job out of college during this recession. They outlawed MP3 players, so I quit. Now I make twice as much money at a great job. Thanks for the motivation…

From JB

Your podcasts make me feel human. So much emotion.
Fairfax, VA USA

From Ashley

Just started working with my Dad in the commercial real estate business. I started to put Radio Three Sixty on in the back ground and he soon became obsessed with it! Now i am not aloud to NOT have radio three sixty on in the office! He and i would like to tell you guys that your selection of music is incredible. The show itself is edited so well, i lose myself in it! It always seems to end too fast!

Keep up the great work,

From BM

On long train commutes – listening over and over and over. Addictive. Started to like the commutes.

From Max

in my dimly lit living room contemplating education for all people – how to? thinking with radio 360.

From BAK

Sitting in my quiet house, thinking of education, technology and globalization…

From trackback

My name is Alex and I am an Aussie that listens to your show. I am also an old grown up Raver that has since leaving the rave scene in the early ninetees concetrated on making and listenning to the music of the chill out room 🙂 I feel like I have a lot in common with you guys and understand the mood and music you guys share with us all, I also understand the direction and progression of the music. So basically I would love to thank you for all your efforts and time programming and sharing with myself and the rest of us here in Australia. please continue to share and to shine< thank you so much 🙂

From Alex

just a general compliment- you’ve done a great job with the site and podcast, which i listen to often and sometimes re-download older ones.

From Matt


My name is Alicia and I’m writing you from Vancouver, BC.  I’ve only recently become a podcast fan and stumbled across Radio 360 with great pleasure.  I have truly enjoyed much of your not so strange music.

From AM

I’m hearing things, darkhorse, that make me think you have truths that I desperately need uncoded and spelled out to me so I can absorb all of it and rest and not obsess. Somethings in the air and it keeps getting stronger and I don’t want miss it or mistake it. Can you help me? Please?
Your Music is beautiful, and full of elements that give it , in my opinion life, with a twist of what I perceive as uneasy sadness.You are my friend now and Ive got lots of listening left.

From MB

Hello Mr Darkhourse.
Bro I live in beautiful New Zealand and have been subscribing to your mix from the start.
I think of you as a very soulful person who loves everything good about life..
Your tunes are “all” sprinkled with the flavor of spirit in action!
Maybe your deeply spiritual or maybe you should look into it!

From GK

On my iMac while surfing the web and expanding my mind.

From PH

much respect from south London… show no.69 on and sound system now moved into the kitchen to listen to the archives. Thanks Three Sixty


we travel 6 mos. a year in Asia. Today is the Tibetan colony in Delhi. We listen to you while watching wild footage of marine life or the like on tellie, while playing crib and having a beer in our hotel. You make it the high point of the day

From FDC

In Doha, Qatar!

From BM

Hello….. Since I stumbled upon your podcast about 6 months ago I have never turned back! I am always excited to hear a new chapter of music and find inspiration for my life and for my work. You really do find those special songs that I would never otherwise hear, except on soundtracks. I just heard a song from “The Life Aquatic” that was not on the soundtrack. In closing keep on doing the damn thing and BTW Redboy’s art/photos are amazing!

From JN

HI there, I would just like to send my sincere graduated to an artist. You give music a brand new fresh feel. It’s very refreshing. Keep up the good work.
Other than podcast can we buy your music and support your great talents.

All the best in music mixing future.

From PS

I just came across you a couple months back. This music is great-thank you. makes for great drives between us and canada when everything is frozen-

From tmass

I listen to R360 EVERYWHERE! I recently discovered it through a friend at work.

The calming effect it has on my mind is indescribable! Food for the soul! I am more tolerant of the stress at work while this music plays in the background.

THANK YOU R360! If you are going to sell t-shirts, I am mos def interested.

Much love.

From TE in Japan

First, I would like to thank you for the amazing shows you produce. I discovered your podcast last year while doing a search for Cheb i Sabnah, and have listened and relistened to every available show ever since…

While checking in on you website this morning, I saw your post regarding tshirts. I would love to sport your logo =] Please forward me info on how I can purchase this.

Thank you again for your sweet ear candy….I am addicted.

From Jamila

The short answer is EVERYWHERE!  In the past few months you’ve joined me from Melbourne, throughout Bali, to a train trip across Java, through the streets of Bangkok, and now back in Indonesia watching dreamy sunsets from Nusa Lembongan.  The music fits me and my moods very well.  I have a question about some of the “album art”.  I notice that several are shots of graffiti or street art.  I love them.  It is a hobby of mine to explore cities around the world and collect shots of street art.  I’d like to know more about whoever is taking the pictures you use.  I’d also be happy to talk about sharing some of what I’ve got in my collection.  Hope to hear from you…keep the great tunes coming along…Cheers, Chris

From Chris

Everywhere I can. On the aeroplane. On the train communiting into Tokyo. In my car. In bed. The best podcast by far. Amazing.

H in Japan

“love the podcast – thanks! I listen to radio three sixty while cruising the streets of Hangzhou, China on my e-bike. No shortage of strange moments.”

PL in China

“Hi, Radio Three Sixty provided the sound track for my last vacation in Belize. It was the perfect background to days spent in paradise trekking through rainforest, sailing to the cayes, or soaking in the crystal sea. Just listening to your shows brings back these memories. Thank you!”

CM in Cleveland

“Hi guys, Where do I listen to Radio Three Sixty, you ask? Mostly on my iPod biking home from work through the rural roads of Canterbury, New Zealand. It’s a great soundtrack for biking home in the dark. No street lights, the milky way overhead, and the sounds of Radio Three Sixty.”

“I’ve discovered (and purchased on iTunes) some great songs and albums through your podcast (e.g., Confessions of a Burning Man, Alvik’s Breathing Geometry, Ventriloquist’s Get Up Cold And Walk). Keep up the great work!”

JS in New Zealand

“I listen to 360 while riding the green line train through the west side of Chicago on my way to and from work.

This morning across from me sat an older (mid 60s) black man. He was perusing a bondage magazine at 7:30 in the morning. I thought that qualified as a strange moment.

Thanks for the grooves, keep up the great work. “


“I’m an englishman currently living in Singapore, i love listening to your grooves keep em coming…cheers.”

JW in Singapore

“I listen to R360 in Shanghai, China. Fantastic stuff guys. Once a week would be better!”

NA in China

“Fraternal greetings from bristol, the village of chillage in the uk… i don’t have anything to say except thank you – i don’t always listen to your cast but i know that when i do i will always be more than rewarded; always a pleasure, never a chore!

top selections, keep it up ü.”

BK in UK

“Listen in my car on the way to work in England. 8:40am – 9:00am in a long que of trafiic, usually. Show length just right!”

BB in UK

“This is The Best Podcast I’ve heard to date. Yesterday I took a long walk ( One Stop for Coffee, granted) and listened to episodes one through eight straight through.”


“Perfect for the drive to work. Good stuff.”

AN in UK

“Went to the Pyramids at Giza/Cairo today, walked around listening to your podcast. Worked so well inside those amazing places. Thanks.”

AK in Germany

“Hi, So let me say you are making the best PodCast i have heard for ages! Greetings from the beautiful Coburg, Bavaria/Germany :-)”

AM in Germany

“I run Logos Coffee shop and am always queing up Radio Three Sixty on my pod. Everyone loves it. Thanks for the great melodies!”


“Hi, I took your podcasts to Burning Man, it was great riding around on my bike listening to your show. I saw so much out there, and it all comes back when i listen to the music. thanks.”


“This is the best podcast I have ever heard. In fact its some of my favourite music! I would have gone insane long ago, because this music is just so good. Keep up the awesome musix”

WE in Canada

“Love the podcast. Lots of great stuff on there which I’ve never heard before. Mostly though, has put me on to Runaways UK. Are they going to be coming to San Francisco in the near future?”

Steve in USA

“I listen straight off iTunes while working at my notebook – I write. Or while walking along the beach here in Santa Monica. Great music…Thank you!”


I listen to three sixty at night while I am in the barracks online.


“My name is Rebecca and I am in Charlotte, North Carolina and your podcast is absolutely one of my favorites. Thank you so much for making it available via Itunes.”


“lovin the podcasts.”


Great Podcast! “I listen Saturday and Sunday mornings while rollerblading at 7 am here in Jacksonville, FL.”


“You guys post the most awesome podcast in the universe!!! This stuff really makes my week better. THANKS!”


“I crank my radio360 on the bike on the way to work, on buses here and there, and on the Japan Rail lines. Helped make a long trip to Kyoto this past weekend all that much sweeter.”

JP in Japan

“Well, actually the suburbs. Schaumburg, Lombard, Downers Grove. Since discovering you a few weeks ago I have been enjoying Radio Three Sixty non-stop on the way to work, on the way to school, on the way home… on the way from work to school, on the way from school to work… on the way to and from friends’ houses, and at home. In fact, I caught up rather quickly and am delighted to see some new sustenance for my ears and my mind. I thank you for producing such wonderful artists, and for gathering and presenting them to me free of charge. You’ve captured my emotional state and have begun to guide me with newfound motivation to create music of my own once again. I’m inspired by your podcast and I’m confident that what I hear is positively influencing what I’ll be creating. Perhaps our paths will cross in the future. For life is one great strange moment…”


“In the car. On the way home from work. That’s me with the relaxed look on my face cruising in the ’92 Camry station wagon.Keep ’em coming! Thank you.”


“I’m a huge fan of the solidsteel podcast and this show complements that listening experience really well. I love being exposed to new artsists and this show is exactly what i wanted. good job :)”


“I listen to R360 while trapped in a tiny room with artifical light, usually from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. I work with financial records, which often provides me a strange moment to appreciate the music by. Thanks for being you, and for doing what you do. “


“i listen to your podcast everywhere i can. doing home work, surfing the web, walking home from school, but….

The strangest moment was probably when i was in the back of a van, buried in stinking, sweaty old sparring gear after a tae kwon doe tournament. normally, this would suck, but i was listening to radio three sixty, so i relaxed, the smell only made me enjoy life, and i could not have been more comfortable.”



“Yo!!!! I’m always looking for new music and when I bump into your podcast PERFECT!!!!!!. Madita where is she so I can marry her. I’m really into female vocalist and she so right. Also if you don’t know check out weekend players. Peace and God Bless. P.S. I have stuffed every show into my ipod. “


“Hey my name is Johnathon Weir from Toronto Canada and I just want to say I love everything you do and I hang off every track on your podcast. Every track is so new and fascinating and it got me interested in all the music that isn’t being fed to me through MTV and the main radio stations. Thank you for introducing to me a new world of music. I anticipate hearing the next show.”

JW in Canada

“Dear Radio 360 folks, Your mix of tunes makes my work day better, keep it up!!”


Hi folks,

“I’m am absolutely loving your podcasts and have told lots of people about them. I have also purchased several songs now from the artists via iTunes. My question for you is this: How can we purchase the music if we don’t see it on iTunes? For example, I wanted to buy Aubrey’s “I Am Alive” but couldn’t find it on the iTunes site. And your site seems to be hard to negotiate to find where we can make purchases. I have clicked on the “BUY SONG” arrow in iTunes when it plays, but it only leads me to the homepage and I don’t know what to do from there.

Cany you give me any help so that I can support you and the artists?”


“i love radiothreeesixty. i listened to bonobo, cinematic orchestra, postal service, coldcut etc before, and the podcast is a lovely little compilation! i live in outer west london, near twickenham. thanks for the podcast! “

SS in UK

“In the car. On the way home from work. That’s me with the relaxed look on my face cruising in the ’92 Camry station wagon. Keep ’em coming! Thank you. “


“I spent the past few days wandering around aimlessly through the streets of nyc. i wandered into the natural history museum. talk about some strange moments. your shows are great. “


“I love to listen while watching my son surf the waves off San Diego, California many beaches. MT in USA.”

D in USA

“Just a note to say Hi and to relate to you that the music on your podcasts have to be some of the most imaginative and creative “popular” music I have heard. I am listening to Part 29 right now!
Thank you for something NEW”


“Hi my name is AL i live in mexico in a town called guadalajara and i have to say that your podcast is simply AWESOME!!! I never heard music so Great like the one that you have in your podcast.
The strange moment that happend to my listening to radio three sixty was in my house sitting in the balcony looking up in the sky and there it was!!! a clear magnificent falling star that was Awesome.

Congratulations and Keep them coming…”

AL in Mexico

“Hey DJ Darkhorse,

Big fan of yours and I love your podcast! It’s undeniably a gem on iTunes! Listening to you from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!!

I’m such a big fan that I’m actually one of a few who posted up an iTunes review of your podcast. Awesome stuff man!

Keep it up and love these artists you play that I always 9/10 times head to iTunes to purchase that one song.

Keep on podcasting!”

AL in Canada

Love to listen when I’m working on a tough C# problem. Makes the world fade away.

from Dave

Hey there, I love your sets! I listen to you guys through iTunes, thanks for mixing awesome music!!

from SB

Been enjoying for a couple years in Chicago! Listen everywhere, on the laptop, at work and in the car via podcast. The best mixes I’ve ever found. DJD, you rule! Thank you and keep it going!

from SB

Thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. Great artwork and sublime downtempo beats. Perfect for my commune to and from work and brilliant tunes for parties at my place on Saturdays and Sundays.

Enjoy your holidays

from C

Dude, amazing work you do on the podcast. I listen in my garage. In my car, anywhere I need to mellow out. Thanks for providing the mellow.
Favor, how can I get a high res copy of your surfing astronaut?

I would love to make a poster of it, it is amazingly creative..

From SB, Dallas, Tx

itunes comments from around the world.

Have been listening for years
by EL
I love knowing that I have this podcast for special times whether during travel or just relaxing. Get yourself some good headphones and take a trip.

Great new mix for the ride home
by Solly the Sick

Love listening to this podcast on the ride home. Especially the 10/10 and 11/10 shows. Hope to hear more soon!

by Ub3R
Awesome! Great chillout tunes love it! A must listen!

Love it
by LR
Great job guys, do not change anything. ACC is even better than the MP3. Love your selections, I am looking forward to the next one.

Lovin It
by Music Procratinator
This is one of those podcasts that I go to first every time, full of little gems. I love the fact that the artist and song are listed for you. I am no longer having to sepnd hours tracking down an artist or song that really tickles my fancy. Only downside is that I am spending more money now, but hey, my ipod is full of fantastic music gold that would have passed under my radar. Great work guys.

by quatrevin
Discovering; Inspiring; Amazing

Absolutely Fantastic
by wifepac
I have every episode and can hardly wait for each one to appear. It is such a great mix that always seems right for whatever you are doing. I listen to it everyday, and never tire of it. Get it now, it’s the reasonable price of free!!

wicked good
by watsider
awesome, and amazing podcast

by MS
Keep them coming, I’ve told all my friends about you!

A Must Have
by KRP
This podcast is a must have. I discovered it a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. It has some great music that can be played almost anywhere. It’s Electro-custic sound can be played while your at the gym or just chilling at home. this is a must have!!!

Best Podcast Ever – Seriously
by loves_guitar
Listening from Trail, B.C, Canada! I’ve listened to Radio Three Sixty for three years and loved every episode. Amazing amazing music.

What a great podcast. From chilled out to euphoric in 20 odd minutes. Every show a slice of joy.

SgtMash *****stars

Just what you need to hear at the end of a stressful day… and in the mornin’ and afternoon…. catch my drift…keep it up keep it up

triviality *****stars

this podcast is brill. Eclectic selection of funky tunes. Love it

Kyivite *****stars

A green dreamy space where you can kick back and listen to new music. This podcast is a soundtrack for that part of your life that is secret, growing and moving in a different direction.

kureno *****stars

thanks people your podcasts are all good. Beautiful stuff. keep it up i can’t wait for the next one.

m4ffescue *****stars

love the podcast guys – keep them coming. My headphones go on and it doesn’t matter what’s going on around me – woohoo

arnwah *****stars

I (and apparently you) have the amazing fortune to have stumbled upon this particular podcast and to have access to all of its musical gems. my podcast experience in general has been less than satisfactory as they all either have too much talking ot too little music worthy of my ears, but the brilliance of this podcast more than makes up for the insufficiency of it’s counterparts. There is, as I have discovered, no other podcast that stands quite as tall or sounds quite as magnificent as this podcast. So I should hope you will take this rather anonymous review as a push in the right direction and immediatley press the little subscribe button next to the caged fish and the twice caged rabbit.

PS. it goes amazingly well with wine and good company

cheshire grin *****stars

This podcast has been heating my basement home office. Diggin it.

I3xh2k *****stars

as cool as the other side of the pillow.

bornstark *****stars

Like the title says, this is the best podcast out there. I got hooked onto Radio Three Sixty about 6 months ago and it is almost constantly playing on my iphone. The music id fantastic, and has certainly widened my perspective about whats out there. i have bought many albums based on songs featured on this podcast. it’s Amazing! Awesome downtempo and chillout lounge style music.

Listening from Toronto CANADA!!!!!

SebringGirl *****stars

One of the best way I found on itunes to find out new electronic bands. Thanks a lot! (work area, 5 graphic artists) listen to all your podcasts everyday!

Chritian6909 *****stars

I have to say I am pleased to have subscribed to a hedden gem! Great podcast consisting of music worthy for anyone sitting at their desk at work, commuting on the bus/train, or sitting at home surfing the net.

Great songs that leave you wanting more and more.

This is the type of music you want when you are in a cafe, lounge or relaxing at home.

Ambient and soothing.

Ali Siddiqui *****stars

There is no better podcast available. We all have strange moments – this is truly the soundtrack for your life.

loves_guitar *****stars

I listen on my train commute – love it with my fat headphones. Excellent range from Funky vibes to new electro-pop (think Postal Service) thrown in with solid downtempo numbers… plenty of Ninjatune material. Thanks for expanding my range of itunes-available goodies.

tubby tung *****stars

Flying at 30k feet looking down upon myself, No!,,, Within Myself. Ear candy at its finest, this is my new church.. I had a party a few weeks ago and 65 people gravitated towards the stereo, not a word was spoken as everyone departed on their own funky trip.

gruvinpop *****stars

great. that’s the only word I can think of for it. great. great music. great artists, great style, great mood, great mix, great mission….great…..If your looking for a diamond in the rough this is it.

afcool83 *****stars

Nice relaxing music, love listening to them on the bus ride to school or back home. Best of all it’s free!

adammarre *****stars

I love this f____ing shi_!


I absolutly love this podcast. The artfully crafted selection of eclectic ambient tracks makes for inspired listening in more low key moments.

bluskys78 *****stars

Radio Three Sixty is one of my top sources of finding new music. It is one of the 2 podcasts that I can say I like 95+% of all the music they present. It’s also presented in a very nice format with good attention paid to transitions. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who likes music.

Lordfuzzz *****stars

Fantastic! You can put these shows on & go all day!

skoty *****Stars

I’ve never had music make me float so freely and ground me so solidly at the same time until now.

RyanAB *****Stars

Darkhorse is a brilliant “selecta.” There is so much groove and emotion in these podcasts the headz are bound to nod. Thanks for making my daily communte blow by in a breeze. Maybe I will catch you on the BRC “Playa,” “player.” Keep on keepin’ on.

domeslug *****Stars

best music podcast ever!

Ecceedor *****stars

It’s like a Christmas present everyday, this is what the ipod was made for. I’m always searching for new music and this is it. Thank you so much.

tyski ***** stars

It was really late. i saw a strange picture of a bunny in a box and clicked on it. Heard about 12 seconds of the first episode and downloaded the first five episodes. ever since then it’s become the soundtrack to my life where ever i go, what ever I’m doing. It’s perfect. Nothing even compares and my life is now revolved aroud that little bunny. Thanks for the great tunes Dj Darkhorse.

OPA! ***** stars

Radio Three Sixty is the music of Movement – you through the world the world through you. Turn off that noisy FM station and listen to something that wasn’t deliberated in a boardroom.

Rastaboolean ***** stars

One Of the Best Podcasts on itunes! favorite podcast is 8/3/2006

anniegetyerguns ***** stars

One of the greatest podcasts I ever Downloaded

EL Alekz ***** stars

I’ve never heard anything like this before and loving it very much

angil ***** stars

Well above average in content and quality

msapien ***** stars

Amazing stuff, positively addictive!

jmsully ***** stars

AThe best radio show out there! I never tire of this podcast because the amazing music in each episode only improves every time I listen. Please keep ’em coming.

MixMasterMao ***** stars

this is crazy im loving it

[.eks] ***** stars

This is great. Keep up the good work, Darkhorse!

Azreall420 ***** star

In the car, at home, at the gym, it’s perfect blend that seems to always fit the moment. I love discovering new favorites and would recommend it to anyone who was bored with radio long ago. Keep the great music coming, if anything, more frequently! Thank you RTC, for existing, you make my days filled with great music.

Fukidunno ***** star

Random, strange music that is perfect for listening to while studying or whatever, It’s really great when you want a change from the same 30 songs on the radio, but don’t want to wade through a bunch of crappy albums to find the good stuff. If it only came out more than once a month….

Z-Grl ***** stars

Great music every time, Love it.

fedagato ***** stars

The best of all podcasts. keep up the great work. I expect radio Three Sixty to take off once the secret is out!!!!!

UUDouglas ***** stars

As they say in the podcast “Music for strange moments.” I find the music presented in the podcast is what I crave when all the other music just isn’t hitting the spot. The commercial overplayed crap that all sounds the same isn’t here. Simply awesome!!!

Firebugbiker ***** stars

Tired of over compressed played out radio tunes… Like your music a bit electronic & ambient… Let Radio Three Sixty introduce you to a whole new world of tunes!

LCIIIIUser ***** stars


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