This podcast was born from the frustration of corporate radio and it’s in lack of support for good music.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: DJ’s are merely musical filters. The internet is bringing to the ears of the masses music they would normally never come in contact with. Now with the beauty of new technology you have the ability to bypass the old order of media control to find new sounds. We search the world looking for music that we feel fits the 360 music filter we have put on this show. So we hope Radio Three Sixty opens your ears up to new artists that you are happy to have found, the way it has for us. Lastly you will see in the shows track-listing that our ears are open to any style or genre of music that fits our sound, so much so we would need a lot of space to list them all.

FILTER: WHY?: Our aim is to expose you all to deep beautifully strange music that will help you in the every day, as you view the world around playing out like a silent color film, the music soundtrack in your ears. You are on your way to work on the subway or bus, waiting at an airport or just standing looking at the most inspiring view as you reach the top of Ankor Wat in Cambodia, watching the sun set over a tropical beach or riding around on a bike at Burning Man. There are those moments in life that you attach to music, that help you remember them many years later, we like to call it “Music For Strange Moments.” If you like any of the songs you will see a link in the album art. The art is located bottom left of the itunes browser. This link if the song is available on itunes will take you to where you can buy the song.

How: Radio Three Sixty was one of the first 128k Advanced mp4 podcast’s, we had to put it together in Apple’s Logic Pro, then put in chapters and images using code. Then came Garageband. The show is now put together using Garageband (making it muchos easier), with all the intro’s and stuff still written in Logic Pro. We listen to around 150 songs to get 6 or 7 for a show, thats why we only do a show every monthish.

Radio Three Sixty is a music podcast. We created it because we were bored of radio over the airwaves, and to much Jibba Jabba. It’s 6 years later, and we are happily surprised and enjoying all the great things we are reading about the show. We will never put a commercial in this downloadable podcast! It’s all about the music. We would like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback on the show, to the artists and labels that have contributed all the excellent music, and to itunes podcasting dept for the support . Enjoy the show!

SUPPORT: If you like any of the songs, you will see a link in the album art in itunes (See Below). The art is located bottom left in the itunes browser. The link if the song is available on itunes will take you to where you can buy the song, or to the artists website. Also you can buy the theme tune for the show as a ringtone for your phone.

As well as helping to highlight new artists we like, we also do this as part of our Music Supervision Services, supplying podcasts for other Music Supervisors and Directors.

Email us to let us know where you are in the world, and where you like to listen to Radio Three Sixty. we will post the best ones!

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Dj Darkhorse is a native of Slough, England (yes, The Office), He Spent most of his Teen years at the early UK warehouse parties around SW London, like Sunrise and Energy. A favorite stop was on a Sunday at Queens Reservoir at Full Circle, Listening to the Likes of Rocky and Diesel, Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farly dropping tunes. The music then was varied with Dj’s sets that were all about the music played with anything from A Guy Called Gerald’s “Voodoo Ray” to Edie Brickell’s “What I Am.” At the height of The UK rave scene he moved to the USA.

In 1995 Dj Darkhorse and Charles Uzzel Edwards AKA Pure Evil started The Gardening Club in San Francisco, A Monday night affair, it offered a decompression for the SF music industry after a long hard weekend. Dj’s had to play music they would drop for their friends at home on a sunday early morning after too hard a night out on the town. Dj’s that played at the club were Pete Namlock, Matty Skylab, , The Mammal aka Thomas, Felix The Dog, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Jesus and the Alien[had to be there], DB, Jeno, Garth, Markie, Patrick Pulsinger and many more great Dj’s from around the world passing through San Francisco. The club was set in the tropical resteraunt location The Carribean Zone. Inside the building was the Doobie Brothers old touring jet plane, made to look like it had crashed into a jungle. With one side of the plane looking out over the dancefloor. The roof slid back on the venue, so you could see the clear sky at night in the summer, as you listened to the music and eat free food from a vegan resteraunt. The whole place was covered in tropical plants and waterfalls, a perfect place for The Gardening Club. We managed to take our form of music and Djing out from the second room at raves, to the main room and focus.

Darkhorse also has been a writer for magazines like Urb, Mixer and XLR8R, reviewing and writing features. He also did a stint as an editor for XLR8R on the Downtempo/Electronic section of the mag.

A Seasoned DJ, he has traveled all over the world to perform, he has over the last 12 years, played along side the likes of Alex Patterson and the Orb, Hardkiss, Death in Vegas, Herbaliser, Amon Tobin, Pharcyde, Chemical Brothers, Tim Love Lee, Runaways UK, Coldcut, Kid Koala, Consolidated, Doc Martin, Rockers Hi-Fi, Daft Punk and Dave Seaman to name a few and at clubs like The Gathering, Basics, Boogie Buffet, Groove Kitchen, Stompy, Black Diamond, Bulletproof, Deep Faith, Wicked, Area 51, Funky Tekno Tribe, Sound factory in NY, Nikita in SF, Heavenly, Ministry of Sound, and Renaissance at the Sanafir/Pacha in Egypt.

He is part of the band Fishbunny (Three*Sixty Records) and Three Wheels Out (Pussyfoot Records), as well as releasing music under his moniker Darkhorse. He writes music for his own label Three*Sixty Records. Other labels he has releases on are Moonshine, Ubiquity, City of Angels, Fax Label, Tummy Touch/Peace Feast, Primal, Om Records, V2 Japan, XLR8R and Pussy Foot.

Oh also now he is putting his musical knowledge to work as a music supervisor for films and TV.


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