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R360 show 75

New show is up. Soundtrack to a Singularity. Future Sounds. Even the old is new, and most music comes from sources other than the norm (really had to dig deep) by talented people who create and share their Sounds of the Future.

photos by Le Redboy


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R360 show 75


Dani Thomas_Pilates 1


How to Destroy Angels_A Drowning (Inertia Remix)

Great Skies_Festival

Chet Faker_Jeans and Wallet

Brombaer and phole_Globo

Fishbunny_Crash and Burn

Nina Simone_Strange Fruit (Inertia Remix)

Cinematic Orchestra_Breathe

Bon Iver_Calgary

Le Club Des Hachichins – Skin Job Part 3

Liquid_Bombaclaas Star

Radiohead_Everything in it’s Right Place (Dibby Dougherty & David Young’s ‘Dharma’ Remix)

R360 show 74

New show is up. Enjoy and please share. 

This was tricky one to do, but I enjoyed laying it out.

feedback always welcome.

UPDATE: if  show 74 only plays for 5 mins, it downloaded wrong. please delete and re-download, and it will be fine.

File size is 50 megs.


Chet Faker_House Atreyedees

Au Revior Simone_Take Me As I Am (Max Cooper Remix)


Apparat_Black Water

All India Radio_White Satin(3PBS Mix)

Mizimo_Killin Me With Your Silence

Nightmares On Wax_You Wish

Mozez_So Still

Junip_In Every Direction (Dale Earnhardt jr jr Remix)

RoyKsopp_Malangen Fa Bruhodet

All India Radio_Inrigue (Lost Highway Mix)

Massive Attack_Paradise Circus featuring Hope Sandaval (Gui Boratto Remix)

boyChild_Counting What If’s featuring Soundmouse (Darkhorse Remix)

R360 show 73

Show 73 -Is inspired by how sounds effect you. For you to use, how you please on your listening devices, while on the road, at the beach, on a train, in a missile bunker (yep got an email from one) , let us know where you like to listen.

Enjoy the new show. add us on Facebook if you haven’t already, and please tell a friend, send them our facebook page, it’s the only way we spread the word about R360?

Redboy took the photos, and the artwork above is by my friends at Imaginary Foundation, so check out the artwork window, as you listen to the show in itunes or on your ipod or iphone. If you like the show, please leave us some nice words on our itunes profile here. Enjoy the show..

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R360 show 73


1. Monty Adkins_Torn Mosaic


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2. Little People_Unsaid

Natty Dread Time

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3. JJ_Ice

King Reggie

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4. All India Radio_Asphixiate(Cocteau Mix)


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5. boyChild_Counting What If’s featuring Soundmouse


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6. Fink_Perfect Darkness


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7. Tranquility Bass_We Came In Peace


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8. Kjartan Sveinsson_síðasti bærinn

King Reggie

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9. Chet Faker_No Diggity


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10. Tranquility Bass_A Hundred Billion Stars


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New Show 72 is up!

A new sonic experience is up on itunes. Hifi or good headamaphones suggested.

We only exist through you and word of mouth, please share and help us grow.

“The universe exists in the form of just Sound and Vibration when looked at on an atomic scale. Some of the most beautiful things in the universe are born from the most destructive moments.” R360

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photos in show my Redboy

Image is of a Supernova. download for a desktop for you pceee.