Radio Three Sixty on Pandora

So after some investigation, i have decided to create a R360 channel on Pandora. I have spent the last few days teaching it my musical tastes, it is still young so every now and then you get a WTF song, but it is learning quick

Basically it’s very hard to create a streaming radio station outside of the established st…ation network due to cost’s. I like Pandora because it’s an interesting experiment, any number of people can listen one one time and its available on any computer, most mobile smart phones as an app and some new tv’s and dvd players.

Sorry but for now USA only.

So this is an interesting experiment, as everyone’s listening experience will be different.

Some thing you should know. You get to vote down a song 6 times an hour, which will make the next song play, and have to listen to an ad every 6 or seven songs ( I do not benefit from any advertising, but I like that it supports Pandora and the artists). You can get rid of the forward song restriction and ads for a small fee per year.


feedback welcome

Click below!

Radio Three Sixty on Pandora

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