Music for Moving Images (volume 3)


I am proud to announce the new release of Music For Moving Images on Three Sixty Records.

Please check it out and buy a song and support the artists, who contribute to the podcast often..

…I have put a link in for Amazon, but it is available on Rhapsody, Beatport, itunes, Spotify, emusic and many more online services for music.

Thanks DH



1. Man or Mouse – Alive

2. Paulo Manuelle – Seraphim

3. Jonny Alford – I Can’t Close My Eyes

4. All India Radio – Asphixiate(Cocteau mix)

5. Runaways UK – The World Is Cold

6. Jimmy The Fingers – Harmony

7. Sr Mandril – Tierra

8. Man or Mouse – Waterfalls

9. The Furze – Stolen Cars

10. Man or Mouse – Time Stands Still

11. Jonny Alford – Gone

12. Kid Galahad – I Go To Sleep

13. All India Radio – Far Away instr

14. Sr Mandril – Soy

15. Electro 7 – Sin Alma

16. The Furze – Hope The Light

17. The Furze – UTC(Darkhorse Rmx)

Buy at Amazon MP3

This is our third compilation, which show-cases some of Three Sixty’s favorite new artists, plus digs up some old favs from our archives. Jonny Alford who was discovered playing music in a small train station waiting -room in Cookham, UK. Sr Mandril, Electro 7 and Space Funghi Project of Mexico City, and a couple of invited artists who we love, All India Radio and Man Or Mouse, this compilation shows the wide range of music at Three Sixty Records.

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