R360 show 101: Music for Watching the Stars

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New show is up R360 show 101: Music for Watching the Stars

Show 101: Radio Three Sixty show 101 Music for Watching the Stars is now up. I have been fortunate to have listened to some great DJ’s playing music outside under the stars, in some amazing places. Bonny Doon (USA), Sinai (Egypt), Joshua Tree (USA) and Burningman (USA) to name a few.There is something about electronic music that sonically works in an open natural setting. So this show is meant to be played outside, under the stars.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the show over the past 8 years of R360. I hope it has introduced you to many new artists, and helped create some weird and wonderful memories attached to the music. Please share R360 with a friend, or post the show in your social feeds, it’s how we spread.

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Selerac – Jay Street at 6am
Selerac – Hope
Brombaer – The Quietness
Indigolab – The Last Cartographer
Bon Iver – Holocene (Moonracer Remix)
Gotswim – Okoto (Moonracer Remake)
Owsey, Jernalism & Resotone – I’ve Been Secretly Falling Apart
Trifonic – Transgenic (Jan Amit Remix)
Burial – Loner (Exist Strategy Remix)
State Azure – Freespace
Marika Hackman – Bath Is Black (Hackman Remix)
Yujen – Try It Over
Slow Magic – Moonsong
Tor – Lux
Moonracer – Shiro
Kindred – White Shadows (Moonracer Remix)
Kindred – White Shadows

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