R360 show 106: Music for Interstellar Travel

New show is up R360 show 106: Music for Interstellar Travel
Music for Interstellar travel is up for streaming and sharing on ?#?mixcloud? This show was inspired by the New Horizons mission, and an email I got about a group of R360 friends using Deprivation tanks while listening to the show! I wanted to create a show for going inwards as well as outwards. I was disappointed when there was no live video feed from the Pluto probe, so I tried to imagine what it would be like to be sitting in the craft looking out the window with the music on, as you flew by Pluto and out of the Solar System!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the show over the past 9 years of R360. I hope it has introduced you to many new artists, and helped create some weird and wonderful memories attached to the music. Please share R360 with a friend, or post the show in your social feeds, it’s how we spread.

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Pulsar – Pulsatiion
Nils Frahm – lafur Arnalds
Steve Gibbs – Adrift
Phaeleh – Six
Izzard – Airways
The Monk by the Sea – November (ft Zefora) –
Ekená – Interior Calm (reprise)
Sidi – early rain
Around – Jan Amit
Aeron – Sunlight Expansion
aeron – The Light
Antonymes – The End Of Everything
Brian Eno – An Ending
Unknown – Ambient 02
Reload – The Enlightenment
Stray Theories – Breathless feat Alan Watts
State Azure – Ice So Blue
Tom Day – Archangel [Cover]
Selerac – Jay Street At 6:00 AM
Selerac – Hope
The Grid – Rollercoaster
Chapterhouse – Epsilon Phase [The Global Communication Remix]

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