R360 show 110: music for an imaginary film part 2

New show is up R360 show 110: music for an imaginary film part 2

R360 110

Thanks to everyone who has supported the show over the past 9 years of R360. I hope it has introduced you to many new artists, and helped create some weird and wonderful memories attached to the music. Please share R360 with a friend, or post the show in your social feeds, it’s how we spread.

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Darren Harper- The Dreaming Loop
fin2limb – Takeoff
Iambic²- Regulus
Tetsu Inoue – Magnetic Field
O S L O – We’ll Make It, I Swear
NAAJS – Childhood Memories
Unknown – Tom Day Remix
Stumbleine – Try To Remember Me (boyChild remix)
Antonymes – The End of Everything
Mindthings – Train to Elsewhere
Fill – All that wasn’t Said
Phoria – Emanate
Holm – Never Knew
Burial- Loner (Exist Strategy Remix)
Gotswom – Okoto (Moonracer Remake)

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