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Hi everyone,

This show is inspired by my trip to Nevis, part 2.

Where I grew up in the UK there is a big caribbean population. From school age on I listened to Reggae a lot, so it is a major part of my musical make up, I even named my Chinchilla “Lee Scratch Perry.” I have some great memories attached to it’s sounds, from the Bob Marley album Exodus that I carried all over europe when I back packed around for a summer, to the Notting Hill Carnival in London and England of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Check out Don Letts and his documentary about the Clash, Andrew Weatherall’s remix of ¬†Primal Scream’s Higher Than the Sun, Jah Shakas Dubmasters Vol 1 (if you can find it!), and Adrian Sherwood….As well as the usual Reggae music we all know, i really got into where it merged with electronic, rock and dance in the UK during this time, eventually leading to bands like Massive Attack to emerge.

So driving around the island of Nevis, listening to the reggae on the car radio, every station plays it! As we looked out of the window at the Volcano and rainforest. It was just as I imagined it, sitting in the rainy concrete jungle that is Slough, while my friends told me of trips back to Jamaica to see family. So this podcast is for that, my memories of this music growing up, and my experience I had on Nevis in the West Indies. Hope you have the same.

Oh yeah, the Rainforest recordings in the show are of frogs and bugs at night in the garden where we stayed. I recorded them on my iphone.

In this podcast, I took all the photography, and the artwork above is by my friends at Imaginary Foundation, so check out the artwork window, as you listen to the show in itunes or on your ipod or iphone. If you like the show, please leave us some nice words on our itunes profile here. Enjoy..

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